It’s been in the tech news. It’s been on the nightly news. When a company like Microsoft makes major changes to the Windows operating system (OS), an OS thatSTART dominates the business and enterprise market share, there’s bound to be heartache.

Windows 8 was released in October 2012. Less than one year later, Microsoft is issuing a software update, Windows 8.1, to address an outpouring of user complaints and frustrations. Windows 8 was the most drastic change ever to the widely used operating system. It featured a more visual, touch-centered design more apt to rising mobile device usage. It changed the very fundamental environment of the Windows landscape by replacing the traditional desktop with a start screen of tiles/apps. The interface is much more scalable across a multitude of devices.

With such a drastic change, a number of criticisms and complaints is expected. However, the user community came out in force to lambaste Windows 8, likely more than Microsoft anticipated. The main and legitimate concern for businesses has been the radical changes made to the user interface and its impact on productivity.

Many people ask us what we think of Windows 8. (more…)