Focus on:  DataRisk LLC

Focus on: DataRisk LLC

Lifecycle management + Microsoft Office 365 = secure foundation, ubiquitous access, and enhanced collaborationDataRisk LLC

Companies and individuals trust DataRisk to proactively plan for and manage risk to protect their business and personal assets. It’s a data-driven industry. To efficiently access the information necessary to support its clients, DataRisk depends on the performance and reliability of their technology infrastructure and communication systems. With clients all over the world, DataRisk requires secure access to those systems wherever they might be – on their office desktop, via a tablet or mobile device while traveling, or while working remotely from home offices. 

Facing an end-of-life server and an e-mail configuration insufficient to support the firm’s more demanding communication needs, DataRisk turned to technology partner Daystar for guidance. 

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A particularly nasty piece of ransomware called CryptoLocker has come to our attention and we want to alert you right away. A full description is included below, however the most important reminder is to be aware and exercise extreme caution with e-mail attachments.
  • Only download attachments you are expecting and/or trust, from senders you know and trust.
  • Heed any warnings from your antivirus application. If you receive an alert from your antivirus software, be thoughtful about whether or not to allow the action.

It is recommended that you share this reminder with your users.

What is CryptoLocker?