A bug in the Web’s most popular browserIE Bug

On Saturday, FireEye Research Labs, an Internet security software company, announced a previously unknown security flaw impacting all recent versions of Internet Explorer (IE), from versions 6 through 11. Microsoft further warns users that there have been active attacks attempting to exploit this vulnerability.

Microsoft is working to fix the code. However, as of today, no patch has been posted.

A description of the vulnerability and several workarounds are listed below, however Daystar advises that your most secure method of protection is to simply stop using IE, at least until a patch is issued. We highly recommend switching all Web browsing to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox immediately.

How it works


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We are seeing a new version of the crippling malicious software CryptoLocker that hit the digital community last fall and winter. It dubs itself CryptoLocker 2.0, but it is actually a copycat, or a completely new version, of the malware. In the last week alone, we have come across almost half a dozen area businesses victimized by attacks.

There are technical differences between the two, however the delivery and result are similar.