E-ZPass E-mail Scam
A new phishing scam attacking e-mail users has surfaced this month. The e-mail imitates the E-ZPass Service Center, the electronic toll collection system, and uses E-ZPass colors and logo to appear authentic. The subject line reads something like, “In arrears for driving on a toll road.” The text is vague, but informs the recipient that they “have not paid for driving on a toll road.” The e-mail then asks the user to download an invoice to remit payment of the unpaid toll as soon as possible.

The e-mail is not legitimate and the link to the invoice actually contains a virus that can adversely impact your computer’s performance and/or steal passwords or other sensitive information.

According to E-ZPass, they do not, and will not, send invoices via e-mail. All E-ZPass invoices are sent through United States Postal Service.


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