Technology. It’s a word that conjures up any number of specific things. Some people think of the iPhone they’re currently holding or the laptop in their bag, while others see programming code or bits and bytes. Still others envision their smart TVs, wireless cameras, or smart light bulbs. And for some office mates, it is the printer that’s currently jammed…again.

Technology is varied and dynamic, as are the people who support it. And as it becomes more pervasive and complex, you need the right expert to install, maintain, and service it. Just as you wouldn’t hire your mechanic to repair your washing machine, you also shouldn’t expect your website developer to install your laptop onto the company network. However, as technology becomes more intertwined, it’s not always easy to know who is the expert in which field.

Amid the frustration of a laptop blue screen or your email not working properly, your only thought is to find someone who can fix it. But not knowing who to reach out to can compound your problems.


New Virus Alert

You may have seen the news over the past day regarding the Petya virus. Please know that we are researching this new cyberattack and following developments. Although how it infects its victims is not entirely clear this early in the outbreak, we remind all users to be vigilant when surfing the Internet and opening email.

If you receive a suspicious email, please delete it immediately. Do not forward suspicious messages to other users as this may result in them clicking on a malicious link. 

What we know so far: