With high profile hacks and security exploits dominating the news landscape lately, it’s impossible to discount the growing importance of cyber security services. While it might be tempting to pass these concerns off as the domain of Fortune 500 companies and the military industrial complex, that couldn’t be further from the truth: we’re seeing small to medium sized businesses targeted by hackers with greater concentration and frequency – specifically because security and training have historically been sidelined in these organizations

What follows is a high-level breakdown of how Daystar, as a small cyber security services provide , mitigates contemporary security concerns by implementing three pillars of security: technology, process, and policy. While the technology pillar addresses security via traditional ‘techie’ means, you may be surprised to find that the other two pillars depend heavily on you, the – business owners, decision makers, and managers. Daystar spearheads the initial design and implementation of process and policy, but their ultimate efficacy comes down to how well we work together to communicate and maintain these safeguards. Although this is not meant to be an exhaustive text on managing IT security, it should help to frame your business for exactly how we approach such an important and daunting topic.