Know what you’re signing on for!Windows 10

You are likely familiar with the “Get Windows 10” free upgrade notifications Microsoft issues to encourage users to switch to the latest system. If you do not wish to upgrade at this time, it is important that you read this message. Microsoft has changed the notification process in a manner that makes it more difficult to reject or ignore the update.

The previous Windows 10 update offer has been switched to a “Recommended” download that is tied to your Windows Updates. A Recommended update is automatically downloaded and installed on PCs set to the default updates settings.

Microsoft now automatically schedules a date and time to update your PC to Windows 10. The upgrade and schedule are approved when you either click the “OK” button or the “X” in the upper right corner. If you click “OK” or “X” with the intent of rejecting or ignoring the notification, please be advised that the automatic update is scheduled. Windows 10 will be installed on your PC sometime over the next several days, even though you did not intend to agree to it.

This can be extremely confusing for users as many simply click the “X” to reject the installation. In the case of Windows 10 updates, clicking the “X” is now signaling your approval of the update.

If you do not want the software update or if you want to change the proposed schedule, you have to take specific, deliberate action: manually click a link in the message, then choose to reschedule it or cancel it altogether. This screenshot identifies the link to follow.


If and when you decide to update to Windows 10, you should do so intentionally and fully aware of any potential compatibility issues so they can be addressed proactively. Microsoft is offering the free update through July 29. After that date, there will be a fee associated with updating.

If you are interested in updating to Windows 10, please contact Daystar to discuss your system, configuration, and any potential compatibility issues first. By addressing possible issues beforehand, you can help ensure a smooth update and avoid any potential downtime.

If you have any questions, please contact Daystar Support via your client portal, e-mail, or via phone at 603.766.5924 x3.