Driving Business Outcomes

Technology should drive your business forward, turn goals into results, and propel you on a path to success. Daystar Direct produces real, demonstrable business technology outcomes in the areas of:

– Growth and Productivity
– Operations and Visibility
– Risk Mitigation and Security

What’s challenging you?


You’re business is growing, but how do you keep pace with change and new initiatives?


Cyberattacks and user errors can compromise your data, employees, and customers. How do you protect your business from a data loss or breach? And make sure your team is security savvy?

Customer Service

You’ve worked hard to acquire customers. How do you keep them happy, informed, and coming back for more?

Employee Development

Your team is your greatest asset – they get the job done every day. How do you create a work environment that supports workforce productivity and flexibility? And how do you prepare for the next generation of employees?

Smart IT can help… focus on business technology outcomes.

Standards & Best Practices

Develop and align technology standards and best practices. This sets a strong foundation and supports a consistent, reliable, and optimized technology environment. Your standards and best practices serve as the building blocks to achieving your goals.

Business Technology Alignment

Conduct and document a thorough business review to align a technology environment that will facilitate objectives and desired outcomes. Ensure the technical infrastructure adheres to defined standards and best practices.

Business Impact

Document, map, and prioritize technology findings to provide the most significant business impact and propel goal realization. Identify impact areas and incorporate into ongoing strategic planning.

Client Strategy

Define and execute a comprehensive Business Technology Strategy plan to include: strategic direction, budgeting, goals, outcomes, metrics, and accountability.